Upcycled Bicycle Tire Belts

A couple of days ago, I was casually surfing the web, checking out a zero-waste-vegan-facebook-page and found this:

Didn’t pass the Schwalbe quality-control and has a 2nd life as a belt now.

Yes, it is totally, what it looks like: a vegan, upcycled bicycle belt. It’s the brain child of Laura Zabo pictured below. Obviously, she likes animals – but not on her plate and not as skin on her body. So everything she manufactures is free of animal products. Continue reading

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Engine sounds of the battery age

Have you ever wondered what happens, when more and more vehicles in our traffic become noiseless, because they are powered with a battery and not with gas?

Will it be necessary for pedestrians to look out even more because they can’t rely on their ears anymore? Or will there be a law that says “vehicles with a speed above x km/h or mp/h must have an artificial engine sound, so it’s recognizable from far away?

Audi R8 E-Tron

I know that Audi has composed a special sound for their R8 E-TRON electric driven super-sports-car. But what about electric-motorcycles and such?

Zero Motorcycles

Listen to my thoughts in the following podcast after the jump.

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Casio G-SHOCK Gravity Defier GW-A1000

First things first:

I’ve been a G-SHOCK ambassador since about 1998 so I get the watches for free. This also means that I’m kind of biased. But I encourage you to look at the whole review and judge for yourself.

Gee-Jay says good bye, see you next time!

Casio has a tradition of building very tough watches that take quite some beating. It all started in 1983. That’s when the G-SHOCK brand was presented to the world. The “G” stands for Gravity.

In 2009 they started to do watches that resemble pilots watches, the GRAVITY DEFIER series.

Today, we’re looking at the GW-A1000D-1A aka Sky Cockpit. That specific model displayed is being sold in Switzerland for CHF 898.- and in the US for $ 600.- 



GW-A1000D-1AER Overview
GW-A1000D-1AER Overview

I’m going to show you through it right after the jump.

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